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Business Opportunity

There has been an increased demand for paving cleaning and sealing in the UK simply because millions of square metres of paving has been laid over the years and it now requires ongoing maintenance. This in turn has created a very profitable business opportunity for many people. Driveway Cleaning Yorkshire, has partnered with Smartseal to provide technical help and advice to people who  are looking start a driveway cleaning business.

A driveway cleaning and sealing business can be very lucrative from day one. Earnings can range from £135 a day to over £450+ a day. This is only jet cleaning and sealing driveways and patios. 

Don't be enticed into spending excessive fees to buy a Driveway Cleaning Franchise, where figures of over £18,000+ are often bandied about. Talk to us first, as we have all the benefits of a franchise without the tie ins.

Smartseal's business packages are packaged with everything you need to be successful. They rely on developing good working relationships with their affiliated business partners like us that benefit both sides. Their biggest strength is in their marketing support to help you really expand your business.

To get more information on how Smartseal can help you get started, please call 01277 829743. You can also see the business packages on offer by clicking here.