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Block Paving Sealing

More and more people are understanding the necessity to seal block paving on their patios and driveways. Because most block paving is so porous it will eventually be prone to 'attack' by weeds and other surface growth such as algae, moss and lichen if left unsealed.

By sealing the surface with Smartseal quality acrylic sealants, you can reduce maintenance and give lasting protection to the surface.

Here are some of the benefits of Smartseal sealants:

  • Helps reduce the growth of Moss, Lichen and Algaes.
  • Minimises ongoing Maintenance
  • Protect from colour loss due to UV light
  • Stops staining from oil and grease
  • Reduces any movement of the blocks 
  • Makes the original colour stand out more

We have some images of block paved areas we have sealed. You can look at these by clicking here

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